(Story 10) Bullfrog's (AKA Gordy Snyder) really great world tour - Egypt
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Left. A "hazy-day" view from room 1120 of the Nile Hilton. On a clear day, the Pyramids at Giza can be seen.

Right. Lobby of the Nile Hilton Hotel.


The Nile Hilton as seen from the dinner boat.






Right. The Tanura dancer wears an elaborate costume and spins like a top while performing for about 15 minutes (maybe more.)

Left. The flowing costume of the belly dancer.

There are several dinner "boats" that never leave the dock. Cairo Tower in the background.


The Hyatt Hotel. There's a Hard Rock Cafe at river level.

Located at the Salah Al_Din Citadel, the Mosque of Mohamed Ali (not the boxer) was built in the mid-1800s.

Interior of the Mosque of Mohamed Ali.

Narrow "streets" in Old Cairo - Misr el-Qadima - date back to Roman times.



At the Pyramids, the policeman rubbed the fingers of his right hand together. It cost me 20 Egyptian pounds.

Out for a relaxing cruise on the Nile at sunset.

Sunset over Cairo.

The Pyramids are located about 13 km from central Cairo (left center of the picture with modern-day building of Cairo in the foreground.) The course of the Nile has changed over the years; according to experts, it flowed to within several-hundred meters of the pyramids during their construction.

            Description below, in green
On this site in ancient days, once stood the fabled Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria.  Conceived and initiated by Ptolemy Soter in 290 BC, but was completed after his death.  Its stated that light from the mirror could be seen up to 40 miles at sea.  In AD 956 and again in 1303 and 1323, earthquakes had sealed its fate.  "The final chapter in the history of the Lighthouse came in AD 1480 when the Egyptian Mamelouk Sultan, Qaitbay, decided to fortify Alexandria's defense.  He built this medieval fort on the same spot where the Lighthouse once stood, using the fallen stone and marble." 
(Source: http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/buildings/lighthouses/pharos/info/info.htm.)
Unfinished apartment like shown are quite common. Unfinished buildings are not taxed. The owners have all good intensions to finish these ... some day.




Right. Police cadets tour the historical sites of Old Cairo to get a better understanding the of work they will be doing.


A typical "department" store of Cairo.


What else would you expect. And yes, he rubbed his fingers together, and I  complied. That's the Egyptian way.

This man at the Pyramids Papyrus Gallery demonstrated how papyrus was made. Of course, they had lots of paintings for sale.

Taking produce to market.

Typical roadside fruit stand.


Melons were abundant and sweet.


Yes, I did a test. In South Africa, tub water swirled clockwise. In Cairo, it was counter-clockwise.

Meet Kalhed, worker in the souvenior shop near the Cairo Museum.


Police presence was felt in the hotels and on the streets. You
can see several check point on the street leading to the Cairo Museum. The police carried hand guns, rifles and automatic weapons. Most were wearing the traditional white uniform. Plain-clothed law enforcement officers were present as well.

typical of buildings along the road to Alexandria
The structures are found all along the road to Alexandria. At first I thought that there was a religious meaning. I think not. They look more like bird houses. Comments, anyone?
here's another at the gas station.
Gross commercialism at the toll booth in Alexandria.

Apartment buildings of (suburban) Alexandria

Your neighborhood Pizza Hut.

Mother and children walking down the street.

Apartment building in Alexandria



Dining room of the Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza.
Sabrina and I had an interesting discussion on Muslim customs.



For the convenience of the Muslim guests, the Hilton indicates the direction of Makkah on the desk in each room.
The lobby of the Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza. That's Nader
standing next to the column.

Compare the opulence of the apartments facing the ocean with the condition of the apartments

"behind the scene."
A worn-down looking tram worms its way through different sections of Alexandria.

That's it for Egypt.