Franklin grade school pictures
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Anyone knowing the I.D. of classmates shown but not listed, please contact Gordy Snyder at
Also contact Gordy with comments, question or further information on group-class pictures.
Franklin School – 5th Grade ‘53 to ‘54; can not find my 5th grade class picture …Help, anybody!

kindergarten in 1948 Kindergarten** first grade class in 1949 * first grade class in 1949
first grade trip to the Staten
 Island Zoo in 1949
a first grade trip to the Summit Fire Station in 1949 first grade ‘49 to ‘50
second grade class in 1950 another second grade class second grade dance class third grade class in 1951

Brownie Scouts - 3rd Grade ’51 to ‘52

fourth grade class in 1952 another forth grade class Mrs. Compton's 6th
grade class in 1954

Photos submitted by:
Dave Feather -3rd grade class
Lynn Ritchie * -1st grade class, second 2nd grade, 2nd grade dance class, 2nd forth grade class 6th grade (Mrs. Compton's class)
Pam Gilson -Brownies
Anne Harding** - kindergarten (2nd from left)
Gordy Snyder, the rest

both 6th grade classes
 combined in 1954
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