Brayton and grade school pictures
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Anyone knowing the I.D. of classmates shown but not listed, please contact Gordy Snyder at Also contact Gordy with comments, question or further information on group-class pictures.

Brayton classmate autographs. 6th grade Brayton School 4th Grade
Miss Parker's class.
Brayton School 5th Grade
Miss Dunnells' class.
Brayton School 6th Grade
Mrs. Dorothy Daniels' class.

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Brayton School 2nd Grade
Mrs. Lucille Weber's class
2nd grade teacher's name:  Mrs. Lucille Weber
Photo submitted by:
John Murray
Pinafore pictures - the class play,
4th, 5th and 6th grade Brayton pictures.
John Rozett
Brayton School 2nd Grade
D.J. Graham
6th grade autographs

     Safety Patrol (1954)--Brayton

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